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June Henry-Singleton - The Patient Pal 

The Patient Pal began long before I realized it.  

Shortly after college I cared for my ailing father while simultaneously walked hand-in-hand through leukemia treatment with my best friend and son's father, who succumbed to the disease.  After several years, I handheld my sister through colon, liver and lung cancer, never missing an appointment or surgery. (she is in remission for 10 yrs.)  Since then I’ve accompanied and cared for numerous family and friends in their health and wellness journey. Even during years as a top hospitality and events professional I've had to accompany guests/clients to urgent care facilities, emergency care or contact doctors and pharmacies on their behalf.

After many years of helping those within my sphere of influence navigate through their many medical appointments and procedures it was only natural that I would extend the same compassionate, kind and friendly advocacy to others putting them somewhat at ease to focus on their wellness. 

Since 2020, COVID-19 changed the trajectory of our lives, the uncertainty of employment forced me to rethink my passions, look inward, examine and focus on that one thing that gives me true fulfillment... serving people in a more meaningful way that improves their lives, their wellbeing.   It is this soul searching that truly brought me to fully embrace my passion and concept, "The Patient Pal" I AM -  "THE PATIENT PAL: Companion Concierge"

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