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external-home care

Health Begins With Activities Providing Socialization, Promoting Emotional & Spiritual Well-Being & Fosters a Sense Of Community & Purpose

Your Patient Pal assist primarily with external home needs and minimal in-home needs.  In addition to doctors appointments, we often accompany adults to social functions, religious services, and take them shopping, or simply stroll around the neighborhood together.  There is also the option to have the companion care specialist attend appointments to take notes. This service can help especially seniors and their family caregivers better understand health changes and more closely follow the doctor’s orders. (adhering to HIPPA guidelines and/or durable medical power of attorney)  A trip to the doctor may not seem like a refreshing outing, a companion care specialist can help turn it into one by providing the support necessary to make this happen.  Clients may turn an outing for an appointment into a fun opportunity to indulge in a meal at their favorite restaurant or grab a treat on the way home.

Safe Transitions from Hospital to Home

The Patient Pal will be alongside clients to handle logistics of discharge.  For clients who do not have a family member or friend available to escort them home this Companion Care Specialist will meet the patient in the discharge area of the hospital following a procedure, or a trip to the ER, brings them home by car service/taxi or ambulette, and gets them settled comfortably in their residence. The Patient Pal: companion care specialist does medication pickup and grocery shopping to ensure easy adherence to dietary restrictions and provide within reason whatever the patient needs for immediate comfort.  You can expect our Patient Pal to treat you and your loved ones with compassion and respect while helping you recover from your hospital stay. Ensuring that you or your loved ones stay comfortable and get the rest you need to make a full recovery by helping ensure discharge instructions are followed, you will be able to quickly return to your normal self and avoid setbacks.

Social Events and Recreational Outings

The Patient Pal Companion Care Specialist will accompany clients to all kinds of events that are important to them, such as weddings, holidays, parties, graduations and more. Young adults and active elders who love to feel connected to New York’s and the tri-state area’s rich and varied cultural scene particularly benefit from The Patient Pal’s companionship. Accompanying clients to the movies, cultural events like plays and art exhibits, and even museums.  It’s a wonderful quality of life boost for especially homebound seniors.

Attending religious services at houses of worship, participating in religious education or prayer groups, and contributing to faith-based events and service projects is an important part of many seniors’ routines. These activities provide socialization, promote spiritual and emotional well-being, and foster a sense of purpose. The Patient Pal Companion care enables clients to remain involved in their faith and community. 

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